STFU Parents: 5 Ways Parents Rang In The New Year On Facebook

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Happy New Year! Again. This week, before jumping into all that 2013 has to offer, I wanted to post a cross-section of submissions from New Year’s Eve. Every year, I get a bunch of submissions around New Year’s, because let’s face it — if you’re a parent, the chances of staying home (or returning home early and sober) on New Year’s Eve are pretty high.

It’s not necessarily something that can be helped, and it’s not a decision that I find “lame”; sometimes our responsibilities simply override our desires to wear silly hats and drink a bottle of champagne with friends. Sometimes it’s impossible to find a babysitter, and family doesn’t live nearby. Or sometimes you just don’t feel like going out! However, one thing that tends to happen with people who stay home (in general) on NYE is that they all wind up on Facebook. Facebook is the lifeline to whatever their friends are doing, and it’s a way for people to remain part of the evening, even if their night doesn’t involve any ice luges or loud 10-second countdowns.

So with that in mind, what were parents talking about on New Year’s Eve? For most parents, it’s a night of both gratitude and frustration. Here are 5 ways they rang in 2013 on Facebook:

1. With Class

With class_knocked up

I can’t hate on Cassie, ’cause I like an unpretentious lady, but I will say that if I posted this on Facebook — dead sober, since I’d be pregnant — my relatives would probably wonder where my parents went wrong.

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