STFU Parents: 5 Ways Parents Birthdayjack Their Friends On Facebook

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2. “Birthday Buddies”

STFU Parents

The thing that amused me the most when reading this was the spelling of “birthday buddy” Makensie’s name. At first I thought, “Did this woman just pluralize her daughter’s name?”, but then I realized that Lindsie’s name is spelled “-sie” and therefore her daughter’s name is “Makensie.” Then I re-read her comment and rolled my eyes, because really? Birthday buddies are only cool when they’re your friends, not a friend’s baby.

And PS: Does Justin even know Lindsie or Makensie?! Birthday buddies are especially irrelevant when you don’t know the person, unless that person is famous. For instance, I share my birthday with Cloris Leachman, whom I love, and possibly with my dentist’s baby, whom I couldn’t care less about.

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