STFU Parents: 5 Breastfeeding Etiquette Tips For Facebook In Honor Of World Breastfeeding Week

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6. Gratuitous Breastfeeding Pictures

STFU Parents

I’m sure most breastfeeding parents have pictures of their children “at the milk counter,” but pictures like this one — especially posted with the caption “455 days of Basically Exclusively Nursing” — appear to be more gratuitous than “natural” on Facebook. The act of breastfeeding is natural, of course, but posting the image is a deliberate choice. This is what all the lactivists encourage breastfeeding mothers to do, because there are benefits to showing babies nursing on social media sites. But a person like Sylvia is also bragging and saying, “Check it out, I’ve exclusively nursed my baby longer than most other mothers nurse theirs! I win!”

Let’s face it: Any baby that’s brought up healthy and loved is “winning,” and the mothers are the ones who are competing. This year during World Breastfeeding Week, I hope everyone remembers that what mothers need most is support, whether they’re breastfeeding or not.

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