STFU Parents: 4 Things You Shouldn’t Post On Facebook About Your Labor

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Since it’s Labor Pains Week on Mommyish, I figured I’d add to the conversation with a similarly-themed column. Except, instead of sharing heartfelt stories about childbirth, I’ve put together a collection of labor-related status update Don’ts. Because no matter how many times I try to reinforce the STFU, Parents Basics, people continue to post TMI updates about labor and delivery.

First, though, I want to quickly clarify something: I enjoy posting about labor around Labor Day because I enjoy puns, not because I think we should change the meaning of the day from “celebrating the economic and social contributions of workers” to “celebrating moms.” Why do I feel that way? Well, that’s easy. Aside from thinking that celebrating “moms” on Labor Day would be in slight opposition to the true meaning of the day, there’s also a holiday called Mother’s Day that doesn’t just celebrate women who “labored” through childbirth, but rather celebrates all mothers. I make this distinction because I noticed that Pampers posted this joke on Twitter last weekend:


Nothing against Pampers, but this tweet is essentially meaningless. It’s like if I said we’re changing the meaning of Memorial Day to commemorate dead pets. Nice sentiment, but WTF would that even mean? So just as a reminder, today’s column is a twist on the word “labor,” whereas Labor Day is about something other than procreating. Unless you count job creation or something. Just kidding.

Here are some examples of things people shouldn’t post on social media that pertain to labor and childbirth.

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