STFU Parents: 3 Dos and Don’ts Of Baby Shower Updates

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DO: Gently nudge your friend offline if the baby shower preparations she said she’d handle don’t seem to be underway. No pregnant woman needs added stress, and if a friend volunteers to throw you a shower, she should make an effort to come through.

DON’T: Scold everyone via Facebook and turn your baby shower into a pity party.

Yikes. Remember ladies, just because you’re hormonal and pregnant, you can’t force anyone to do anything for you. And you certainly can’t force anyone to purchase anything for you. No matter what happens with your shower, try not to have a public meltdown.

Of course it would suck if you A) threw yourself a baby shower, and then B) only six out of 37 people could confirm attendance, but hey, screw it. Have the shower anyway. Be thankful for the five people who could come rather than focus on the people who couldn’t. Besides, those people still might get you guilt gifts.

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