STFU Parents: 3 Dos and Don’ts Of Baby Shower Updates

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DO: Let the people who are invited to your shower know where you’re registered. People want to know what to get for your baby, and I think most people prefer to purchase items that they know the parents want or need.

DON’T: Post your registry page on your main Facebook page. You’re not seeking gifts from all 649 of your “friends”; you’re seeking gifts from the people who are attending your shower (and I’m guessing that number isn’t 649). You might even want to only share the registry information via email, but if you do choose to post it to Facebook, just tag the interested parties. Otherwise, you end up sounding like this:

More importantly, though, no matter how you decide to clue in your friends on what they can buy for your baby, try to keep it short and sweet. Because even if everything you say in a long-winded note comes straight from your heart, you run the risk of sounding demanding and ungrateful if the list or message is too long.

STFU Parents
See what I mean? If you’re still awake, I have a feeling you do.

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