Lawyers Want You To Cry Because Alleged Steubenville Rapists Won’t Get A Fair Trial

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shutterstock_115797652Sob sob sob for Walter Madison, the lawyer who is representing alleged Steubenville rapist Ma’lik Richmond. Despite a wealth of Internet bragging/live-tweeting, Madison claims that these boys aren’t getting a fair trial. That’s the thing about avidly documenting the repeated rape of a 15-year-old all over social media platforms. I got no tears for you.

The juvenile court trial is scheduled for this coming February. But with that court date rapidly approaching, Madison echoes the sentiments of Sheriff Fred Abdalla, who asserts that the media has run away the facts. Madison asserts that because of the likes of the Internet — and people like our own lovely Eve Vawter — the fairness well has been poisoned:

“A right to a fair trial for these young men has been hijacked,” Madison said, adding that social media episodes such as this have become a major threat to a criminal defendant’s right to a fair trial. “It’s very, very serious and fairness is essential to getting the right decision here,” he said.

Adam Nemann, attorney to the other alleged, 16-year-old Trenton Mays, also wants you to hear some violins:

“This media has become so astronomically ingrained on the Internet and within that society, I am concerned witnesses might not want to come forward at this point. I would be surprised now, if there weren’t witnesses now who might want to start taking the Fifth Amendment,” Nemann told the station.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has been investigating the Steubenville case and will also be prosecuting. He insists that Anonymous, who brought the gang rape to national attention, has “hurt” the victim more than helped her with their public shaming of the alleged:

Not only is the victim hurt by the initial crime, but “every time something goes up on the Internet, the victim is victimized again,” DeWine said.

I don’t doubt that for a moment, especially when it comes to the images coming out of this case. But hey, we’re not all leaning in here for the salacious viewing.

Thanks to the ineptitude of the local Steubenville authorities (who are essentially calling The New York Times terrorists for reporting on these vile acts), we wouldn’t even know about this horrific crime without the work of Anonymous and Alexandria Goddard. These boys would have most likely just sauntered off to colleges of their choice on their lofty sports scholarships while the 15-year-old victim was denied justice — as is the case for many rape victims in this country.

These boys “hijacked” their own shot at our legal system when they were so brazen as to broadcast their profound soullessness all over the interwebs. Like I said, no tears.

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