Outraged Moms Say We Can No Longer Discuss Steubenville Gang Rape Case

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BCHgAzvCEAAYbBkLadies and gentleman, let’s take a ride on the Go Big Red Wagon Of Feigned Moral Outrage! I have said this a gazillion times before –  there are lovely people in Steubenville. People of all ages, races, economic backgrounds and educational experience. It’s just like any other city in America, except the youth of Steubenville get a little bit too text-happy when they decide to “pull a train” on one of their classmates. There have been three different protests or rallies in Steubenville, where people of all ages come to show support for the Jane Doe victim in this case, and for all rape victims. The fourth protest is scheduled for Valentine’s Day. I have watched all of the protests, and save for the occasional drive by where someone yells “get a life!” or “F___ you!”, because yeah, people who protest rape shouldn’t  be out there protesting – according to some Steubenville residents -, the events have all been peaceful and uplifting and pretty heartwarming.

We still don’t know everything that happened in August during the party where Jane Doe was so drunk she wasn’t able to give consent to being “fingered” (taken from the court transcripts) or to having a “penis rubbed all over her” and then having these things broadcast all over the Internet. Hopefully justice will be served when the trial begins in March. But in the meantime, some concerned moms in Steubenville are so sick of people talking about the case that they have started blogs:

The city of Steubenville will continue to come together!!!!

They want us to go silent, that is their goal. When someone is attacking a community the way Steubenville is being attacked they want you to think “This will pass” “I’ll just be silent” Being silent is what they want and what makes them win. We will Stand tall for our community and all the people in it! In the words of my good friend Mike Jett…..They want this S on my hat to stand for SCANDAL! They want this S on my hate to stand for SHAME! Well we are going to make this S on my hat stand for STRENGTH! We are going to make this S on my hat stand for SURVIVAL! We are going to make this S on my hat stand for STAND UP!! Continue to stand up for our youth Steubenville, they need us more than ever. To the Youth, do not be afraid to wear your Red and Black! Do not be afraid to wear your Letterman jackets! Wear them with pride! We are here for you 110%.

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