A Lesson To Teens Everywhere — Steubenville Rapists Found Guilty

Screen Shot 2013-03-16 at 7.27.38 PMThe Steubenville rape verdict is in concerning the events that took place on the night of August 11 and the early morning of August 12th. Judge Thomas Lipps made his decision just moments ago. The judge has decided both defends are judified delinquent beyond a reasonable doubt. They have all been found guilty. Trent Mays broke down crying during the reading of the verdict.

The prosecution gave their closing arguments claiming that the two defends in this case Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond, knew the 16-year-old-victim was impaired. Prosecutor Marianne Hemmeter stated this case is about nothing other than a ” very vulnerable girl,” and that, “The thing that made her an imperfect witness, that she didn’t remember anything, made her a perfect victim.”

The defense claimed in their closing that they wanted the court to set aside the words that appalled all of us because the people who sent the messages and images felt they were “private.” Brian Duncan, the attorney for Trent Mays, claimed that the testimony was affected due to the fact the kids involved all knew each other and were friends. He said that the kids had no idea it was rape, and they didn’t know what they were witnessing was wrong. Ma’lik Richmond’s attorney, Walter Madison, argued that children can’t help the environment and circumstances they were raised in. He claimed Ma’lik has seen much more in life than most people have seen in their lifetime. He claimed Ma’lik is a wonderful kid who is on his way to do great things, and that football is a better way to improve the quality of his life. Madison claimed that the victim was “flirting with him and all over him.” Madison claimed that the victim lied because she “doesn’t remember anything.” Madison said the victim has a “reputation for telling lies” and when she woke up and saw a humiliating picture she had two choices, she could have said, “Yes, that’s me,” or, “I don’t remember what happened.” He also argued that there was no DNA of Richmond anywhere. He asked “Did the state of Ohio provide beyond a reasonable doubt that were was digital penetration?”

According to Judge Lipp’s ruling, they certainly did.

(Photo: WTOV.9)

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