Day Two Of The Steubenville Rape Trial – ‘Reno Took Care Of It’

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Texts were read from Mays who fluctuated between bragging about having sex with the victim to making statements like ” Bitches is bitches. Fuck ’em”  to outright panic as he asked his friends to lie for him. He even had a text exchange with the father of the victim where he stated:

Sir this is Trent Mays this is all a big misunderstanding. She was at the party and we talked. She was really drunk. I never once tried to do anything forceful with your daughter and I’m sorry for all the trouble this has brought you.

There were so many texts sent regarding this incident, and according to the phone belonging to May’s had 61,613 messages on it:

“If the police come they are going to look at all my texts, duh,” he wrote to a friend when discussing what he was worried about.

“Delete them,” the friend texted back.

“Like phone records they can pull them up on a computer. LOL.”

“Oh, LOL. Hello cops,” the friend texted.

There were texts asking friends to lie about what happened. Texts where people asked each other to send naked photographs of the victim. Texts where Mays bragged that he had actual intercourse with the victim and texts where he denied it. But one of the most shocking texts involved Mays claiming he had Coach Reno Saccoccia , the beloved Big Red Football coach, “take care of it” for him:

“Nothing really,” Mays texted. “Going to stay in for awhile. LOL. And next time [someone is] into something, suspended for three games.

“But I feel he took care of it for us,” Mays continued. “Like, he was joking about it, so I’m not worried.”

In another text, Mays wrote: “I got Reno. He took care of it and [expletive] ain’t going to happen, even if they did take it to court.”

Coach Reno has yet to comment on these allegations.

The trial will continue throughout today, with Jane Doe rumored to be taking the stand, and may continue until tomorrow. It’s still too early to speculate on the outcome of this case, but reading through the text messages it’s obvious that the victim didn’t give consent and was unable to give consent to the acts which occurred in August. It’s heartbreaking, and she had questions about whether or not she has been drugged and what exactly happened to her. Yes, one can argue that it was her fault for lying to her parent’s about where she would be that night, that she should have known better than to get drunk, that she was “asking for trouble” by going to a party instead of spending the night with her friend, which is what she told her parents she would be doing. And trust me, I have had these arguments lodged at me since I started to cover this case in December. But this is what teens do. They lie, they say they will be one place and instead they go to another, they experiment with alcohol, they sneak out of windows. I did it, I’m sure many of you have done it. That doesn’t excuse rape. No matter how drunk the victim was, she should never have been violated this way, not only in the physical sense, but on social media.

There are no transcripts of all the text messages at this point, but should they become available I will update this article.


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