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Occupy Steubenville Rally Marked By Snow, Ice And Support For Rape Victims – Live Feed Now

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Richard Olivito, is now speaking about local corruption and I need to get the facts on his story, but he claims that due to his involvement with exposing local corruption the FBI suggested he leave the country. His father was, or is, a local judge. He says that is a “conditioned response (in Steubenville) to not speak out against crimes.” He says the laws cannot “change people heart’s and minds.” He is saying “Don’t give up.”

A counter-protester just drove by and yelled “fuck you.” Keep it classy, Steubenville.

And unfortunately, I have lost my stream. But I will keep trying and update if possible.

Hopefully we can see more protests in support of Jane Doe in the upcoming weeks before the trial.

(Photos: Cassandra Rules via Twitter)

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