Sheriff Abdalla Should Care More About Steubenville Rape Victim And Less About Peaceful Protesters

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twitterhollyThe second Occupy Steubenville protest takes place tomorrow at noon in front of the Steubenville City Hall. Protesters are traveling from all over the country in support of the victim who was sexually assaulted at parties held in mid-August of last year. There will be rape survivors and advocates speaking. There will be people associated with Anonymous, as well as parents, grandmothers, children and concerned citizens attending who have never heard of Anonymous. I have been following this case closely. As some of you know, I tend to get a little bit “bitchy” about rape. Another aspect of this case that is making me “bitchy” is the amount of false information I have seen regarding this case, and the protestors, that has been in the media recently. For example, an article published by WTRF yesterday:

“When they came into the county last Saturday, I had respect for them. I thought their cause was right. They thought there was some injustice going on. You have a right to stand up for that but when you cross the line and start character assassination, they’ve lost their mission,” says Abdalla.

“When you’re under character assassination, how do you defend yourself? It’s difficult to do that but when these people come into this county and tell me it’s a dirty county and they wouldn’t live here and it’s corrupt and they wouldn’t live here then don’t live here! But I do live here and so do about 70,000 other people live in this county but I happen to be proud of this county, this city, the big red football program, and the people in this town,” adds Abdall.
There are good people who live in Steubenville, Ohio. I have seen this sentiment expressed numerous times, by many people. Even though the majority of people feel that there has been injustice in this case regarding the preferential treatment of the alleged perpetrators involved in the alleged rape, the city of Steubenville is not some sort of target by anyone. The main sentiment I have seen echoed by writers following this case, protestors attending the rally, people posting on social media, and organizers of the event is “justice for the victim.”

Sheriff Abdalla is proud of his town but when it comes to the video released Wednesday, he called it  disgusting. And that video has attracted even more national coverage to the case.

“This is all over the world now. It’s in the Huffington Post and New York Times but some of these papers are reporting this stuff based on what this Anonymous is telling them. How do you support what they’re saying? Where’s your proof? I thought newspapers where to be able to back it up with good, solid information. How can you do a story when someone is giving you information that’s not even factual?” says Abdalla.

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