The Steubenville Ohio Rape Case, Allegedly Involving An Entire Football Team, Continues To Develop [UPDATED]

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anonymousI’ve been reporting on the Steubenville, Ohio rape case and the protests that will take place at the Steubenville City Hall, the first one commencing tomorrow at noon. The protest has been organized by NightSec but it’s not just Anonymous who will be there, parents, senior citizens, media outlets and people from all over will be attending the event. Activist and television comedian Roseanne Barr (Who is now shown wearing a Guy Fawkes Anonymous mask, which goes to prove, Moms Love Anonymous) has said she will be supporting the peaceful demonstration. For those of you unfamiliar with the case, The Young Turks aired a video which gives a good recap. Warning: There are some graphic and truly horrifying images shown in the video at about the 3:24 mark:
[youtube_iframe id=”uSto9OWVkqY”]

One of the most fascinating aspects about this case, and one of the only truly “bright spots” in a case of vicious rape involving teenagers, is the fact that it has garnered public attention, worldwide public attention, due to the relentless reporting since day one by writer Alexandria Goddard, aka Prinnie. Because Goddard wrote about the case, and included screenshots of photographs and tweets made by the party-goers, she had a lawsuit filed against her and some of the people who commented on the story on her blog, named only in the case by their screen names and IP addresses.

tweets Yesterday, the case against Goddard was dropped:

On behalf of myself and the John Doe defendants, we are very pleased to announce that the defamation lawsuit filed against us has been dismissed with prejudice. Dismissals with prejudice mean that this case can never be refiled again and this lawsuit is officially over.

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