Reports Of Another Steubenville Video Which Shows The Victim Urinated On

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twitter big redWhich the trial set to begin in the Steubenville Big Red football team alleged gang rape case tomorrow, new reports have surfaced that there is another video even more upsetting then the notorious Nodianos video which showed a former Steubenville High student laughing about the alleged assault of the 16-year-old victim. Because the trial starts tomorrow, there are chances that a lot of false information and allegations can surface at this time. It’s just what happens in high-profile cases. This information may just be that. I hate to be so cynical to think that someone would plant this information, especially in regard to a young girl who has suffered so much in regard to victim-shaming and outright doubts cast regarding her integrity and honesty. On the other hand, I know that certain bloggers are intent on backing up their entire “Everything You Know About The Steubenville Rape Case Is Wrong” rhetoric that in the upcoming days if this video is not presented in court, it just gives them added dialogue for their theory that the young victim in this case was never actually a victim. I am not accusing any one person of doing this, I’m just stating that there could be a chance that no video actually exists. But, if it does indeed exist, the report by Don Carpenter:

This second video allegedly depicts Jane Doe passed out Naked with Semen on her chest, as people wonder aloud if she is breathing, kick her to see if she will wake up and urinate on her.

I remember in the early days when I first started covering this case, there were some conversations regarding the fact there was a second video out there. I remember that there was information where whoever had a copy of this video had offered to sell it for $5,000 and was told by a Twitter user by the name of @JustBatCat said no one should purchase this video. They were told that they should immediately turn it over to authorities, because of its importance to the case and also because of the victim’s age. The person who had access to this video was in possession of child pornography. I have spoken to my sources within Steubenville and opinions range from “Yes, this video definitely exists” to others saying they have never heard of it. If this video does exist, it supports allegations that we have heard regarding the case, that the victim was urinated on and numerous bystanders witnessed her being passed out.

If this video doesn’t exist, which I truthfully find difficult to believe, than the idea that someone would leak this false information is reprehensible, and does nothing but further victimize this young girl who has already been through so much. Hopefully, the truth will come out during the trial.

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