Steubenville Football Coach Who Failed To Report Rape Just Got A Sweet 2-Year Contract Extension

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Steubenville Football Coach The now infamous Steubenville High School football coach Reno Saccocia — of the now equally infamous “Reno took care of it” text messages — just got his employment renewed. An employee who fails to report the rape of an underage unconscious girl — and furthermore protects the rapists — doesn’t exactly scream “employment renewal.” But not to Steubenbille High School apparently.

Herald Star reports that coach Reno Saccocia has been granted a “two-year administrative contract.” This would be the same Coach Reno that Trent Mays texted following the gang rape, bragging to his friends that they wouldn’t face any jail time:

“Nothing really,” Mays texted. “Going to stay in for awhile. LOL. And next time [someone is] into something, suspended for three games.

“But I feel he took care of it for us,” Mays continued. “Like, he was joking about it, so I’m not worried.”

In another text, Mays wrote: “I got Reno. He took care of it and [expletive] ain’t going to happen, even if they did take it to court.”

We already knew Steubenville High School didn’t seem to care much about sexual assault given that Coach Reno is the dude they’re already throwing pep rallys for in the middle of court proceedings. But one would think that, empathy for sexual assault claims aside, the school would at least hold off on rape apologist job security until after the looming grand trial.

But I guess quickly rewarding those who turned a blind eye to flagrant and braggy gang rape is more important. Tack on one for rape culture.

(photo: David Lee / Shutterstock)