More Good News From Steubenville: Parent Sentenced After Shoving Kids In Storage Bins

1172-largeLet’s get this straight Steubenvillians, I am not picking on your fine city. In every article I have written about Steubenvile, I have mentioned that there are many wonderful people there who care about their youth and who want to do the best they can in raising kids who are upstanding citizens. And not members of the notorious¬†“rape crew.” But not this parent! Because they decided to discipline their kids in those bins that the rest of our parents use for storing away random toys or extra bedding.

How does one “discipline” their kid using a storage bin you ask? When your kids are misbehaving you just shove them on in there while you go out shopping! From ABC News:

Authorities said the children, ages 5, 6 and 8, were crammed into the boxes as punishment June 16 at the family home in Steubenville while the parents went to the grocery store and left two adults with them. A friend arrived and contacted police. The children are now living with other relatives.

I know the lovely parents in this case were kind enough to cut little air holes for their children in the bins but still, what the hell is wrong with people?

An eastern Ohio father has been sentenced to six months in prison for punishing his three children by forcing them into plastic storage boxes sealed with duct tape and a square cut in the top for air.

The Steubenville Herald-Star¬†reports that 30-year-old James A. Taylor was sentenced Thursday and also must serve two years’ probation.

Taylor and 26-year-old Samantha M. Taylor, the children’s stepmother, pleaded guilty last month to charges including felony child endangerment. She has not yet been sentenced.

I really hope I see some “concerned” parent going on a talk show to talk about the “Bin Children Of Steubenville” and not the infamous desk children. I know crimes like this happen anywhere and everywhere but with the upcoming trial of the rape crew approaching, a news story like this doesn’t do a great job in promoting your fine city and its image. You have fine people living in your town, just not ones like these.

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