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7th Heaven Dad Stephen Collins Allegedly Confesses To Molesting Little Girls, So I Guess Nothing Really Is Sacred

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LA Mayor Villaraigosa Kicks Off Global Support For "Live Earth" Actor Stephen Collins, best known for his role as the pastor dad on 7th Heaven, has allegedly confessed to molesting several little girls. As a huge Jessica Biel fan I watched the show religiously, and while Collins always came off as a little creepy to me with a smile that never quite reached his eyes, I did NOT see this coming.

Collins is in the midst of a contentious divorce from actress Faye Grant. According to TMZ.com, Collins allegedly revealed to his wife privately in 2012 that he had in the past molested and had sexual conduct with under aged girls.

Under legal advice, Grant secretly recorded a therapy session during which she questioned Collins about his sexual misconduct.The tape allegedly contains Collins talking about touching and exposing himself to several young girls. Collins allegedly spoke of having sexual contact with girls ranging in ages from 11-13. One of the alleged victims is a relative of Collin’s first wife.

TMZ reports that the New York police department currently has possession of the tape and that there is an ongoing investigation in this matter regarding inappropriate sexual conduct with at least three victims.

Besides his work on 7th Heaven, Collins has frequently accepted roles where he is working with young children. With the exception of his role as a two-timing, emotionally manipulative bastard in The First Wives’ Club (a role that perhaps he didn’t have to reach very far for) off-hand, all of his television roles that come to mind are family friendly. He was on the now defunct Revolution, as well as The Fosters, both of which had several kids on the cast.

I’m sickened by this news and I sincerely hope TMZ got it wrong, but if their recent role in the NFL domestic violence scandal is any indication, there’s a good chance this alleged confession tape exists. Grant is a hero in my book for attempting to expose the truth rather than defend her husband‘s actions.

If there’s any take away from this, it’s that child predators can come from all walks of life and they can be very skilled at hiding their crimes. It’s not just the creepy guy in an unmarked van that you have to watch out for, anyone your child comes in contact with is a potential risk. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to lock my doors and give my kids an extra hug.