Starbucks To Finally Roll Out Delivery Across The US

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It’s happening everyone. Finally, Starbucks delivery is going to be a real live thing. And we cannot contain our excitement. Because it feels like we’ve been waiting for this announcement literally forever. Now, we can get our favorite coffee drinks in our pajamas. And we can do it without it being embarrassing. So, you can order your complicated sugar free, no whip latte and no one will judge you. Okay, maybe the person making it will judge you a little. But at least you don’t have to look them in the eye afterwards. So, there’s always a silver lining isn’t there?

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This Starbucks delivery announcement comes on heels of a successful attempt in China. So far the Starbucks Delivers program serves over 2,000 stores across 30 cities in China. As a result, it will be rolling out in the United States in 2019. So if you had nothing to look forward to, now you do. Currently, you can have delivery from Starbucks through Postmates in some cities, but it’s ridiculously expensive. And you can only order a certain amount of drinks. As of right now there is no word of what the limitations will be, if any. Recently, they began rolling out delivery through Uber Eats in Tokyo and Miami.

The release claims that Starbucks delivery will start in early 2019. Since 2019 is only a week and a half away, this is good news. We may only have to wait a short time. Even though it is unlikely to start before February. But since the announcement was made last week, perhaps it will come sooner. No date will be too soon if it means that we can get a chai tea latte without standing on line. Maybe now it won’t be so hard to get a table either. Fingers crossed on that one.

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For now, the Starbucks delivery rollout will happen in about a quarter of their U.S. locations. While it may not seem like a lot, think about how many Starbucks exist. There are reportedly somewhere around 14,000 Starbucks around the country. So, even a quarter is still over 1,000 locations. Right now, there aren’t any details available, but the news is still very exciting.

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