Stan Lee Is The Grandfather We Never Had And Is Now Infiltrating The World Of Our Children

book-coverI love Stan Lee so much! And I am so excited about this new project he is developing called Kid’s Universe which will feature books, games and apps for kids between the ages of 1-10 and everyone else too Stan Lee because we all love you and we want to be part of this whole thing! The co-creator of such iconic comic book characters such as Spider Man , The X-Men, The Hulk and everything else awesome, Stan is now 90 years old and has decided to create Kid’s Universe because he wanted to create ” simple, understandable fun stories for young people.” According to USA Today,

“There really is no group of books for kids who are very young and have the excitement, the color, the originality that kids are really looking for and will hold and grab them,” says Lee.

“Whatever he or she has read or played with, we want that youngster to leave happy and entertained but also perhaps a little bit smarter and a little bit more educated than when they started.”

There is a new game available Monday called Goobeez: Pirate Adventure, where players swipe their finger back and forth to get little characters to jump off a pirate ship and onto land. There is also a read-along storybook where parents can record their voices in order to tell their kids the story.

I can remember being around five-years-old and my mom took me to a grocery store opening so I could meet and get an autograph with Spiderman and it was like the biggest deal of my life. I thought Spidey was the coolest ever. And then a few years later I had a book featuring the Marvel universe characters giving health and grooming tips for kids and I remember Spiderwoman’s section was all about brushing her hair before bed and I wanted to be just like her so I did the same thing. I love that Stan Lee is still around and still bringing joy and fun to kids. I never had a grandfather so I am going to pretend that Stan is mine.

(Photo: A Story Before Bed)

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