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This Couple Who Thinks Their Baby Is Haunted Needs To Stop Watching Scary Movies

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I can’t point and laugh too hard at the Hoods though, because I think it’s somewhat common for parents to attribute odd toddler behavior to the paranormal. My own mother loves to tell me the story of how she she heard me talking alone in my bedroom as a toddler one night and how when she came into the room and asked who I was talking to I told her, “The people” and gestured to the corner of the room.

My sister gets the better scary story though– My mother lost a brother as a teenager, and my uncle was the only one who referred to my aunt Diane* by her nickname, Dee Dee. Supposedly when my aunt was leaving one day my mother turned to my little sister and said, “Say goodbye to to Aunt Diane.” And my baby sister said, “That’s not Diane, that’s DeeDee.” And then her head spun around backwards. Okay fine, it didn’t. But the rest is supposedly true.

I think all families have these personal scary stories that we share, things that get embellished over years of retelling but have a nugget of truth at the core because there are strange things that happen which truly can’t be explained. But do I think the Hoods need to call a priest or a real estate agent? No. Though I wouldn’t judge them for plugging in a night light.

*Not actually her real name, but you get the point.

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