This 20-Year-Old Woman Throwing A Toddler Tantrum In The Street Should Be A Warning To All Parents

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Fairy:  PoutingIt’s easy to feel like a shitty parent when one’s toddler is having a tantrum in the middle of the street. It’s embarrassing and tough to deal with and you just feel like a bad person and a terrible parent, but the person with the screaming toddler is probably not a bad parent at all. Toddlers do that sort of thing, and we deal with it to the best of our ability. A two-year-old having a meltdown is forgivable, but if your 20-year-old is behaving that way, you might actually have raised a spoiled brat.

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According to Shanghaiist, that actually happened in Hubei, China, last week, when a grown-ass woman was photographed throwing a full-on, screaming toddler tantrum in the middle of the street because her father wouldn’t buy her a fancy smartphone that cost 2,000-yuan, or about $325.

When an adult human being wants a fancy toy, she has several options. She could buy her own damn phone. She could get a cheaper phone. She could take “no” for an answer like a goddamn grown-up. Instead, the woman, who is seriously a 20-year-old adult human being with no behavioral or developmental problems, actually flung herself to the ground and lay down in the middle of the street and wailed about how unfair and awful her mean old dad was. When police noticed the sobbing, wailing woman, they just sort of formed a little human circle around her so the traffic could go around.

Then the embarrassed shopkeeper “solved” the problem by offering to give the screaming woman and her father a discount on the phone, and then her father bought it for her.

I feel like I need to repeat that in bold: A 20-year-old woman threw an honest-to-God temper tantrum because her father wouldn’t buy her a phone, so he bought it for her!

Jesus. I can’t believe he caved. I think I can see how the world wound up with a 20-year-old who would behave like this. She must never have heard the word “no” in her entire life. It’s no wonder she threw a temper tantrum at 20 years old if her temper tantrums have actually been getting her what she wanted for the past 20 years. I mean, the only reason we ever stop throwing tantrums is that they don’t normally get us what we want, right? Because I’m a pretty dignified person, and if I thought that throwing a temper tantrum wold get me out of paying my taxes, I would happily fling myself to the floor of the IRS and scream like an overtired 2-year-old.

It sucks when kids are throwing tantrums, and it can be tough to stick to one’s guns when just buying a damn candy bar would shut them up. But it’s important to pick one’s battles, and that means actually following through on some battles. Because if you give in to every tiny demand your toddler has, someday you might wake up and find yourself in the news because your 20-year-old threw a public toddler tantrum over an iPhone.

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