In Spite of Her Postpartum Depression, Chrissy Teigen Says She’d Like to Have Another Baby

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If any new mother would appear to have the perfect life, it’s Chrissy Teigen. She’s a beautiful, funny, extremely successful woman with a hot, doting husband, a cute, healthy baby, and tons of help from family, friends, and staff. That’s why it was so surprising and so meaningful when she opened up about her utterly shitty struggles with postpartum depression and anxiety after the birth of her cute, adorable, healthy baby.

Teigen said at the time that she just felt sad, awful, and angry all the time, and she couldn’t figure out why, because she knew as well as anyone that on paper, her life was pretty close to perfect.

Like many people who suffer from postpartum depression, Teigen did not know what was going on and thought that maybe this is just what being a mom feels like.

After finally getting a diagnosis and starting treatment, Teigen says she’s been feeling much better. And she opened up about her terrible experiences with postpartum depression in the hopes that it could help other people who might be sitting around with babies wondering why they were so unhappy for no apparent reason realize that isn’t necessarily just what being a mom feels like, and that there’s treatment available that can help make it better.

Still, after a rough experience like that, one wouldn’t be surprised if it had put Teigen off the idea of getting pregnant again and having another baby. But in the latest issue of Marie Claire, Teigen says she still wants to do it again.

“I would definitely adopt or have foster children. But I loved being pregnant,” she says. “Maybe I should be scared [of having PPD again], but I don’t know. It couldn’t be any worse than it was–could it?”

As Cafe Mom points out, having experienced postpartum depression does make it likely that one will experience it again after another pregnancy. But going in armed with the knowledge of what postpartum depression is, what it feels like, and that it can happen to the most normal and privileged of mothers is a big step in the right direction. Postpartum depression might happen again, but with experience and access to healthcare and antidepressants, it’s reasonable to think it wouldn’t be as bad this time around.

(Image:  Marie Claire)