The Band ‘Sparrow Folk’ Have Figured Out Why Moms Breastfeed In Public

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Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 7.14.38 AMI know some of you breastfeeding moms say the reason why you whip out your tits and feed your baby in public is because your baby is hungry or needs comforting. The awesome “glam folk” band from Australia named Sparrow Folk know the REAL reason: It’s because you’re exhibitionists and you want to ruin people’s days with your tits.



[youtube_iframe id=”-dw2XHMUnyE”]
It’s pretty much the best.

The sad part is I’m sure some creeps who get creeped out by the idea of a mom simply feeding her baby in public probably DO think that some moms do it just to “show off” and not , you know, because it’s time for baby to eat. Here’s the deal with public breastfeeding, most moms are not thrilled about the idea of people either giving them dirty looks or leering at them. They are just trying to take care of business. Most moms don’t find the idea of someone gawking at them fun or anything. Most moms are even more grossed out by you giving them the stink-eye than you are at the fact they are feeding their baby.

Tits are like being caught in a real life sharknado! Everyone knows that!

Sparrow Folk is comprised of Juliet Moody and Catherine Crowley and I want to be their BFFs forever.

(h/t: Huffpost parents)