Minister Used ‘Private Prayer Sessions’ To Abuse Young Girls To Keep Them From ‘Turning Gay’

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South Carolina Minister Larry Durant Sexually Abused Young Girls 58-year-old South Carolina minster Larry DuRant has secured his own little special place in hell by sexually abusing young girls because he told them it would keep them from becoming pregnant, getting STDs and “liking other girls.” I can’t even. From


“The manner in which he lured them in, we feel that at some level there’s a strong potential that there may be other victims we’re talking about a span of, right now, over two year,” Holston said. “It appeared that he may have had a routine on gaining the trust and the private company of some of the juveniles.”

According to court documents, as early as 2011, Durant offered private prayer session where he performed sex acts to heal the victims from “liking females, contracting sexual diseases or becoming pregnant early.”

“If we take away just the church side of it all, but definitely using his position to encourage or influence others to, I would say, woo them in using his leadership position,” he said.

The worst part is police are saying they are pretty sure there are a lot more victims to come forward. He also told the girls not to tell anyone about their private prayer sessions (You mean, the rapes?) because it would be “going against God’s will.”

This kinda thing makes me crazy because I know faith is so important to so many people and why do people bring their kids to church? To teach them the Golden Rule. To teach them to become decent people. Because they believe that if a child has God in their life it will keep them from engaging in underage sex. So they find a church that they like and they take them there and then it turns out their minister is a monster. I can’t even. And I also can’t even imagine what the congregation does now, and I wonder how it’s being addressed on Sunday mornings? How does a community heal from something like this?

I’m not a very religious person but if I did pray I’d be saying one for these poor girls in hopes that they can hell and move on from this abuse of power, and that justice comes to Larry DuRant in the form of all sorts of bad things.

(Photo: Police handout)