Sound The Mommy Alarm: Kate And Pippa Middleton Are Popping Up On ‘Thinspiration’ Websites

Your daughter may be innocently running Google searches for newly wed princess Kate Middleton and sister Pippa Middleton, but be wary of where she might find herself. Images of both sisters are reported to be popping on “pro-ana,” “pro-mia,” and “thinspiration” websites — forums dedicated to promoting eating disorders that offer tips on staying slim.

Kate’s weight has been the subject of much media speculation. The princess is reported to have lost two dress sizes prior to the royal wedding and recent tabloids allege her weight to be at 95 pounds. Regardless of whether that estimation is true, both Kate and her sister are being used by these websites to encourage and maintain eating disorders by presenting an image to aspire to.

Msnbc reports:

”Thinspiration,” or ”thinspo” as it’s called in pro-ana vernacular, is imagery ”” often of models and uber-thin celebs ”” that ”inspires” those suffering from eating disorders to lose weight and ultimately prolongs suffering and prevents treatment. In the past, those celebs have included Victoria Beckham and Mary-Kate Olsen.

Considering how often the Middleton ladies have been in the press lately, their acquisition into the “thinspo” world could be quite detrimental to young girls. A simple click around to search for what Kate most recently wore on her North American visit could unintentionally land said girl onto websites that praise the princess’s thinness as a fundamental aspect of her beauty. And who wants their daughter to be lost in that kind of a comment thread?


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