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Sorry Hilary Duff, Beyonce Is Getting Her Film Pushed Back To Accommodate Her Pregnancy

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Hilary Duff was promptly dropped from the leading role in The Story Of Bonnie And Clyde after announcing that she was expecting, but it turns out that if you’re a mega superstar like Beyonce, filmmakers are in fact willing to work around you.

Beyonce was set to start filming for Clint Eastwood‘s remake of A Star Is Born in February 2012, but now filming is said to be pushed back to accommodate the performer. Daily Mail also speculates that Clint needs more time to find finalize the casting:

It is also claimed the delay to the start of shooting will give them longer to find a suitable leading man after Eastwood failed to convince Leonardo DiCaprio to sign on.

Given how much the Mommyish editorial staff chatted about Hilary dismissal from the project as both a feminist issue and as setting a bad precedent for mothers in the workplace, Beyonce’s example adds a much needed asterisk: if your employers truly are dedicated to you and what you bring to the proverbial table, whether that be creatively or sheer star power, they will work around your decision to have a family.

That being said, Beyonce is clearly a bigger “get” for any studio than Hilary. Through her career and many accolades, Beyonce has established herself as a performer — and now a soon-to-be mother — worth waiting for.