Australian Mom Not The First To Put Her Kids Up For Sale

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Plenty of moms have joked about selling their kids to the gypsies when they misbehave. Or maybe, when someone says how adorable your children are, you respond with, “Do you want ’em?” These little quips aren’t really seen as controversial because none of us would actually give our children away. However, we might need to start watching our mouths. In recent weeks, selling your kids has become something of a trend.

First, an Australian mom took the “selling your kids” joke to a whole new level. She actually put the kids for sale on eBay, with lengthy descriptions and photos. Adding to this nauseating story is the fact that people actually bid on the two children, both under age 10. The mom claims that the whole thing was just a big misunderstanding and she was trying to be funny. Understandably, both the police and Department of Human Services didn’t find the online auction amusing and are investigating both the family and the bidders.

After a little research, I found that child auctions on eBay have a history. Just this May, a Michigan woman “tested her account” by posting an auction for her cousin. She even accepted $1000 for the child. A couple of yers ago, a woman tries to sell the right to name her baby girl on eBay. A British young lady (who was 18) attempted to sell her virginity on the internet auction site. Apparently, everything does have a price.

Whether these people are joking, testing or just plain horrible, no one should be confused about the seriousness of their actions. For proof as to why this is such a serious matter, you can look right here in the United States. Gawker reported that a Washington mother attempted to sell her baby for $500. She didn’t head to the internet, but to her local Taco Bell.  Thankfully, her potential buyers called 911, Knowles was taken into custody and her child was placed with Child Protective Services.

Human trafficking is never funny, no matter what your actual intent is. I don’t think that every mother who makes an offhand comment needs to be investigated by authorities, but there’s a big difference between, “If you throw that food on the floor, I’m digging out my receipt and taking you back to the store,” and posting your children’s pictures on an internet auction. Hopefully, all the children involved are safe and never find out about the antics of their mothers.

(Photo: MomLogic)