Teenager Wouldn’t Keep Her Room Clean So Her Soldier Dad Had An Interesting Solution

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3448036_GKids are messy. I think we have covered the fact that co-habitating with anyone under the age of 21 is going to make certain areas of your home look like you are auditioning for a guest roll on Hoarders. My own kids are pretty great about keeping their rooms clean, unless you look under their beds where they are stockpiling empty water bottles for the upcoming empty water bottle shortage we are all expecting along with the zombie apocolypse. When this day comes and you find yourself in need of some empty water bottles come on over because between all of my kids rooms I roughly has 600. We could probably make an additional plastic house out of water bottles if we wanted to. And this must have been vaguely what this dad from Ludowici was going through, when his own daughter, an honor roll student, just wouldn’t keep her room clean. He did what the rest of us parents have been tempted to do on more than one occasion, he hauled all of her belonging out into the driveway.

Ta-dah! Problem solved!

According to WSAV:

He says he had warned her he didn’t want to treat her like a soldier but when she wouldn’t listen he decided to send her a message.

The father told us that his daughter was initially upset and said that the move was “extreme.”

The only way this story could be made better is if his kid was so lazy she just decided to live in the driveway instead of cleaning up her room.

Even though she was upset at first she cleaned everything up and her dad hired a painter to come in and give the room a fresh coat of paint. And they lived happily ever after, or until her room became a pit again.

(Image: WSAV)