Besties: Sofia Vergara’s ‘Close Girlfriend’ Will Reportedly Be A Surrogate For The Fiery Actress

sofia vergaraWeeks after giving birth to a sitcom baby on Modern Family, reports say that Sofia Vergara will be welcoming her own little bundle of joy into the world with fiance Nick Loeb. Page Six reports that the couple is planning to have a child via gestational surrogate. And they’re keeping the entire process “in the family,” so to speak. One of Vergara’s close friends is carrying the baby for the two.

Sources says that the implantation has already taken place, and the couple is just waiting to find out if the procedure took. They add,

”A baby is something they’ve both wanted for a while, particularly Nick, who has been pushing for it. He is a little uneasy that the surrogate is Sofia’s close friend, but is very excited about becoming a father.”

Sofia is already mother to a 21-year-old young man named Manolo. She’s been very vocal about her positive experience as a young mom and seems have an amazing relationship with her son. Now, it looks like Manolo will be welcoming a very, very young brother or sister. Mommyish has to wonder if he’ll be helping with diapers...

As to why the couple chose to use a surrogate, the reasons are not clear, nor should they matter terribly. Reports note that Vergara is extremely busy with work right now, having multiple movie options as well as her continued work on the hit comedy, Modern Family. Of course, there could be underlying medical issues that the public doesn’t know about, and doesn’t need to know about.

No matter what, we can’t wait to see the bubbly and enthusiastic Vergara with her new little one!

(Photo: Apega/WENN)

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