Soda Is Destroying You, Your Kids, And Your Chances At Another Baby

sodaMothers always have a new culprit: high-fructose corn syrup, wheat gluten, and processed food to name a few. But while soda may not exactly fall into a food group you’d like your kids to spend much time in, newly published facts suggest that the carbonated favorite among kiddies and mothers alike is far from harmless.

Phosphates, which are found in both regular and diet sodas, could cause you to age faster along with conditions like heart disease and kidney failure. And apparently all those cavities that keeping popping up in preschoolers also have a term around your dentist’s office: “Mountain Dew mouth.” The combination of not brushing regularly, as over half of Mommyish readers admit to doing, and regular soda drinking is costing toddlers their teeth.

Another chemical called brominated vegetable oil, or BVO, can cause all kinds of nerve disorders if consumed in massive quantities. The buildup in a body over time can account for a slew of other problems including behavioral in the children and infertility in women. And this doesn’t even include all the cancer risks from those BPA cans and reported pollution.

Parents who are more strict about soda-sipping under their roofs however, must also contend with the mountain of soda commercials aimed squarely at kids during children’s programming. Constant ads between TV episodes incentivize kids to want these products with slogans and images designed to talk directly to them. Even if  you’re not shelling out the money for that Dr. Pepper, the chances that they’ll start lining up at that playground vending machine with that lunch money are pretty high.

So even though mothers and fathers may be actively keeping soda consumption to a minimum, soda companies should also be taken to task for directly advertising harmful products to children.

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