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Socialite Returns Adopted Child After One Day, Because No One Told Her Children Cry

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monica-gaborMonica Gabor, a woman who is described as the Romanian equivalent to Paris Hilton, adopted a child and returned him after one night. Apparently she found it odd that a child in totally foreign surroundings would cry. I guess she neglected to understand kids aren’t just props to dress up and improve your image – they actually have needs and moods.

The 26-year-old socialite – who shot to fame after marrying a multimillionaire businessman when she was 18 – visited the Jiu Placement Centre for Orphans in Bucharest. She had a child with her millionaire husband, but lost custody when they split.  According to a Romanian tabloid, the trip the the orphanage was part of a PR tour to reverse some nasty media damage done during her divorce. Well that plan blew up in her face.

According to a report from Mamamia, she was “particularly taken with a 3-year-old boy and vowed to adopt him on the spot.” The Romanian tabloid Libertatea got a quote from the placement center:

“Monica wanted to spend a weekend with the boy that she wanted to adopt. But the child could not adapt. In the evening, when she put him to bed, he began to cry and could not sleep. The next day she took him back to the orphanage.

“The question of adoption was simply stopped at that point because quite simply she didn’t want him any more.”

I guess this is all for the best. If you have no sympathy for a three-year-old adjusting to new surroundings and decide to return him like a handbag you were unhappy with, I can only imagine the kind of life this kid would have had. She apparently told the orphanage, “He will not lack for anything, particularly parental leave.” Huh? So does this mean she was admitting she would never be around her kid, or that those words don’t mean what she thinks they mean? Who knows. Maybe the meaning was lost in translation – but turns out it’s pretty fitting, anyway.

Kids need a lot more than stuff – and they certainly don’t need to be part of some bratty socialite’s PR tour.


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