Soccer Moms Trolled Mercilessly After Accidentally Adding a Stranger to Their Group Text

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This is pretty childish, but I can’t stop laughing. The moms took her very seriously.

I’m not sure whether I’m more bewildered by the fact that the soccer moms believe her when she says it’s noble of her kid to play on the local league because he’s been scouted, or the fact that one of the moms think “all the kids have talent, those are the rules of soccer.

Then she starts complaining that the soccer team’s snacks suck. She even says her kid was invited to David Beckham’s house for Christmas.

At that point the moms start saying, “we’ll see you at the Meeting!” The most hilarious thing about this is that everyone is in the group text by phone number, not name. So they have no idea who the texts are coming from. They think it’s one of the other soccer moms, but they don’t know which one of them it is. There is a traitor in their midst!

Oh shit, someone called Coach Juan!

Oh no! Now I feel bad about laughing at this. Don’t bring Coach Juan into this! He’s just trying to coach soccer, and now he’s going to have to moderate Mom Drama. Coach Juan is totally at home watching his phone blow up and thinking, “You have got to be kidding me.”

Christiano Ronaldo is arguably the best soccer player in the world. They must have figured it out at that point!

Lally posted the screenshots to Facebook.

“This past week I received group texts BY accident,” she wrote. “They are a bunch of parents and a coach for some kids soccer team. Instead of telling them they had the wrong number, I did this. I am a horrible person… I’m so sorry Coach Juan.”

Let this be a lesson to all of us: If someone is acting up in the group chat, make sure you actually know who they are before getting bent out of shape. The secret Alpha Mom in the playgroup might just be a stranger who got into the group chat by mistake.

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