High School Coach Snapchats A Dick Video To His Players, Because Technology is Hard For Old People

old man at computerCautionary tales about the dangers of technology aren’t just for teenagers anymore. A high school soccer coach in his 50s has been arrested for accidentally sending a masturbation video to some of his team, and this is why grownups should stick to Pinterest and posting cat memes on Facebook.

Jeffrey M. Sirois, 57, of Lebanon,CT told state police that he and his girlfriend occasionally exchange adult videos on Snapchat. Sirois took one of himself masturbating, and instead of sending it to his girlfriend, accidentally sent it to all of his Snapchat contacts. I don’t speak Snapchat, but I think this is the equivalent of hitting the Reply All button on your email when making fun of your idiot boss, only much, much worse. According to the Hartford Courant, after Sirois sent the video, he asked his girlfriend if she had received it. When she told him she had not, Sirois realized he had sent the video to his entire Snapchat group. He claims to have erased the video, which was up for less than a minute, but the damage had already been done.

Several of the students Sirois’ coached on the girls’ soccer team were out having pizza together when the video went live. They saw the video, had what had to have been the season’s most awkward team meeting, and decided to go back to the school and tell the volleyball coach, who told the athletic director, who contacted the principal. The game of telephone continued until Sirois was told not to return to his job at the school and the state police were notified.

Sirois has been cooperative with police, even leading them through his house so they could match the furniture to that which appears in the video in order to identify him, as the video does not show Sirois’ face. He has been charged with obscenity, risk of injury to a minor and breach of peace.

Before we get into how very, very foolish it is to befriend children on an app you use for sexual purposes, a quick shout out to the girls soccer team for handling the situation in such a mature manner. They didn’t race to tweet about it or vaugebook “MY EYES!!!” as a status update. Instead they decided to go to an adult they trusted with what had happened. Yes, they should not have seen the video, but it’s encouraging to see this upcoming generation make better decisions than some adults, especially their own coach.

I won’t say that I feel bad for Sirois, because I think adding your players as social media contacts is a grey area. While sending amateur porn to his girlfriend is something that he’s entitled to do, adding students as contacts on that same platform is a decision that goes firmly in the NOPE column. But it does appear that he made an honest, if stupid mistake.

Technology keeps getting more advanced. While it can be tempting to try and keep with the latest and greatest apps, maybe Sirois’ story should serve as a warning to anyone who went to school in the days where mustaches weren’t meant to be ironic. As for me, Instagram looks tempting, but I’ll be sticking to sending out tweets about Twizzlers and Facebook posts with pictures of my kids.



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