Snooki Personally Tells Me That We Can Expect Tons More Parenting TMI

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This weekend, I caught up with some extended family and was surprised to hear that I had gained celebrity status in the past month. Suddenly, my cousins and aunts were all really excited about my job. Turns out, Snooki tweeted at me a couple weeks ago when I suggested that sharing her post-birth stitch count was a little TMI! And while I completely missed this momentous occasion, some of my nearest and dearest were excited about the idea of Snooks and I being on a first name basis.

Here’s my new claim to fame:

Snooki Tweet


Since Snooki took the time to respond to us, (and to read Mommyish!), we feel like we should share this new development with you all. Basically, Snooki just told us that we can expect plenty more parenting TMI from her in the future. She’s a TMI girl. There’s nothing, not even ripped vaginas, too TMI for Snooki.

We’re hoping that we can use our new relationship with Snooki to find out all of her #realtalk about motherhood. Maybe everyone’s favorite Jersey Shore mama would like to sit down and tell us about all of the taboo parenting info that other celebs are too uptight to talk about. Did you poop during delivery? How are the Kegels coming? Has your baby boy peed in your mouth yet?

I mean, we’re going to be all TMI, all the time, let’s have some fun. How about our wonderful readers let us know what TMI questions you want Snooki to answer next and we’ll do our best to get some answers.

(Photos: Dan Jackman/WENN & Twitter)