Snooki Lost Her Baby Weight And Now She’s A Hero

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If you ever find yourself in the middle of a public relations nightmare that results in every media outlet constantly making fun of you – just follow Snooki’s lead. Get pregnant and lose the baby weight. Then you will be everyone’s hero.

Remember when everyone couldn’t stand Snooki?

Her character on Jersey Shore made some interesting decisions. I guess I shouldn’t call it her “character” since she played “herself.” Lets just say Snooki made some interesting decisions which brought her a lot of negative press.

There was the time she got her international driver’s license revoked by smashing into an Italian police car and injuring two officers. And how about the time that she was arrested on the actual shore of Jersey for annoying beachgoers? Her pleas for being too “pretty for jail” were ignored. Then she got smacked with a lawsuit for “roughing up” a woman on a Miami dance floor.  Oh, and who could forget the time she admitted on the Jay Leno show that she didn’t know who Frank Sinatra was? It seemed that almost weekly there was a new headline that made her look stupid, brutish, or drunk.

Then she got pregnant. There were definitely those who were still slamming her – but apart from the photo of her pushing a case of Coors Light in a baby stroller – the coverage was beginning to shift.

Well, now she has had the baby – and everyone’s favorite topic is on the forefront: the baby weight. Looking at the giant spread in the Daily Mail today – it seems it is gone.  Yup, her baby weight is gone just two months after giving birth.

Posting a self portrait on her Twitter page, the Jersey Shore star showcased a tiny waist and enviable legs as she pouted and posed for the camera. Emphasising her trim figure by putting her hand on her waist, the 24-year-old reality star already appears to have a figure most new mothers can only dream of … Since welcoming her little boy into the world at the end of August, Snooki has made sure to keep her fans constantly updated with her progress when it comes to shedding her baby weight.

I guess all it takes is a few pounds to make someone go from a silly caricature that inspires legislation, to a glowing new mom with a figure that most “can only dream of.”  I’m happy to see someone get a more positive spin in the media. I’m just discouraged by what it takes to get them there.