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Snooki Gave Herself the Best Mother’s Day Gift of All: Telling the Mom-Shamers to Eff Off

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The people attacking Snooki’s parenting on Instagram have got to know that she’s going to clap back at them. She’s Snooki. Her whole brand is built around the fact that she’s a frank, assertive person who always says what she’s thinking and doesn’t care if that starts a fight or comes off as crass or tacky, or if it makes mom blogs say things like, “Snooki, nobody needs to hear about your after-birth stitch count.” Snooki is going to tell the world all about her episiotomy, and if you don’t like it you should probably just look away.”

Snooki’s been getting a lot of unsolicited parenting advice and being called a bad mother on Instagram a lot lately, and this week she gave herself the best Mother’s Day gift of all: The gift of not letting the assholes get her down.

For Mother’s Day, Snooki posted a photo of herself with her two-year-old daughter, Giovanna. Giovanna looks happy in an outfit for her ballet recital, and Snooki is overcome with the adorableness of it all.

Snooki posted the photo to Instagram, but this time she turned off the comments. That’s not unreasonable, after all the drama she’s been getting over the past few days for ignoring her son while he threw a tantrum on the floor of her bathroom, just a few feet away from where she was standing.

“So proud of my little girl!” Snooki wrote. “Instead of not posting my kids for the people who respect and appreciate their photos, I will turn off my comments section. I don’t need assholes telling me how to raise my child and judge them. I’m a damn good mom and know what I’m doing. Well, most of the time. Happy Mother’s Day to all you kick ass Mamas out there!”

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Snooki is a polarizing figure, but her reality TV stardom has made her rich as heck, and that means that a big part of her job is putting herself out there for public consumption. It’s certainly been lucrative for her, but it also means that she spends a lot of time getting called a crappy parent by random people on the Internet. That’s not unique to Snooki, either. If you’re a famous woman with children, people are going to say you’re a bad mother.

A fame-hungry busybody once called the police on Charlize Theron and filmed the whole thing on her phone because the actress’ four-year-old was “screaming in public” and the woman was “concerned for his welfare.” (He was throwing a tantrum about having been given a time-out.) 

Someone started a petition to make Beyonce comb Blue Ivy’s hair.

Kelly Clarkson was literally accused of child abuse for letting her daughter eat Nutella.

Beyonce and Clarkson chose to ignore the unsolicited parenting advice, and Theron restrained herself to politely saying, “Please leave us alone,” to the asshole with the camera. Snooki’s just going to an asshole an asshole and keep doing what she’s been doing.

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