Snooki Is Scoring Major Mommy Points With Her ‘Love’ Of Breastfeeding

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snookiI’ll be the first to admit that when I heard Nicole Polizzi, the infamous “Snooki,” was expecting a child, I cringed a little. It was hard to think of the hard-partying petite guidette growing up and taking care of a child. And Snooki definitely played in to those initial reactions on the latest season of her MTV reality show. She talked about how ultrasounds were gross and how breastfeeding looked painful. She had us all a little worried.

Now, baby Lorenzo Dominic is here, and Snooki seems like a happy little ray of new motherhood. She’s sending out really adorable tweets like, “Lorenzo is even cuter today #imsolucky.” She’s echoing moms everywhere saying, “All the pain and anxiety is so worth it!!!” Even Snooki’s fiance, Jioni LaValle is getting into the adorable social media sharing, saying, “Idk what I enjoy more, watching my fiancé sleep or watching my son sleep?…Both are amazing! #Lafamiglia.”

Listen, the whole display is downright adorable!

But there was one tweet that made me think about just how much pressure Polizzi is under. She tweeted, “I love nursing my little man,” in response to a fan who asked her to rep for breastfeeding. In that moment, it makes me realize that because so many people were expecting this mom to fail, absolutely every step she takes will be parsed and dissected by the tabloids for maximum headline-grabbing craziness. Every parenting choice she makes will be criticized and debated.

Snooki has no choice but to tell the world that she’s nursing, because we’ve made breastfeeding one of the caveats of good parenting. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad it’s working out for her. I think breastfeeding is wonderful, if also a lot of pressure. But I think that this mother will be nursing come hell or high water because there are just too many people ready to vilify her if she doesn’t.

Now that Snooki is really a mom,  I feel oddly protective of her. I wish that we would all back off a bit and give her a chance to get her foot under her. She’s embarking on an often-stressful, highly emotional new part of her life. And yet, I think if Snooki opened up about the difficulties of new motherhood, there would be even more people than normal ready to smack her down, to insult her instead of offering support.

I know it’s asking a lot, but maybe we mothers could come together and give Snooki a little support. Maybe we could be excited for her. Let’s forget all the past drama and the assumptions based on her crazy time in a drunken house with her friends. Let’s just be excited for Snooki and her fiance and their little boy, who I’m sure is completely adorable.

Snooki, if you’re ever looking for a playgroup, you just give me a call darlin’!

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