The Dads Behind The ‘Smelfie’ Managed To Make Overshare Funny

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I adore selfies. I think they are fun, they make me feel more connected with my friends who live far away, and I love the way they let people control their own images and feel beautiful. But selfies aren’t just for the kids anymore. Now dads are taking selfies too, and a bunch of them have figured out that selfies can make anything fun, including diaper changes. The hot new dad selfie is the “smelfie” — a selfie taken while holding a dirty diaper.


According to Buzzfeed, the #smelfie movement was started by Australian comedian Adam Hills, who coined the term when he posted a photo of himself with a dirty diaper. Almost immediately other fathers started posting similar photos of themselves, partly to show off their comically disgusted faces, and partly to encourage other fathers to change diapers.

At first that made me roll my eyes. You’re just changing diapers. Do you really need a round of applause? But the more I thought about it, the more I decided that I wanted a round of applause, too. Changing diapers isn’t fun, but taking selfies while making weird faces is fun. If taking a photo with a comically disgusted face helps pass the time and add a bit of fun to the decidedly un-fun act of diaper changing, then more power to them.

Yes, the smelfie is extremely gross. (My STFU Parents sense is tingling.) Every time I see one, my first thought is: “Oh my god, just throw it away! Why are you posing with it?!” Baby poop should not be on social media. In fact, baby poop should not be anywhere except immediately cleaned off and disposed of in an appropriate receptacle and never spoken of again except to relevant medical personnel, should the need arise. But at least the smelfie parents have so far been doing a good job of keeping the diapers wrapped up and the contents kept out of sight, which I appreciate.

Besides, the images are pretty funny.

Photos: Twitter/adamhillscomedy