‘Gifted’ Kids More Likely To Take Illegal Drugs

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Children with high IQs often end up stigmatized by their peers and bored in the classroom. The combination of not being accepted by other kids and finding their scholastic setting to be less than stimulating can result in them trying drugs later in life. So move them to Honors classes ASAP and make sure that they aren’t breezing through those homework packets.

In British Cohort Study, researchers discovered that intellectually-gifted children were much more likely to try pot, cocaine, and ecstasy in early adulthood. The study could not determine any links between said drug use and social class, but researchers did learn that children with high IQs were almost universally bored stiff by school as children. Participants also noted that they generally did not feel accepted by their peers because of their smarts. The study described the eventual drug use as a “coping strategy” to deal with such alienation.

Dr. James White of Cardiff University’s Centre for Development told The Telegraph that those with high IQs tend to be more open to new experiences, especially “stimulation” and “novelty.” And if you’re not finding that in the classroom or through other passions, I suppose it only is a matter of time before you go looking for it elsewhere.

In that case, perhaps all Lindsay Lohan needed was some more challenging homework assignments.

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