Six Flags Accident Shows Why I Won’t Go To Any Theme Park Where There Isn’t A Mouse

I’m such a mean mom. There is a theme park that recently reopened in my city and I refuse to take my children there no matter how much they beg me. I love the idea of theme parks, I love small little fairs and I pretty much always want to visit Disney World especially because of Dole Whips and I want to go to there can we go can we go can we go RIGHT NOW? But going to any other theme park or giant state fair or place that includes horrifying roller coasters and crowds and rickety looking rides and I’m all one big nope octopus about the whole thing.

Reading about this awful accident at the Six Flags Magic Mountain park inĀ Santa Clarita where a roller coaster going 55 miles per hour smashed into a tree proves my point that these places are scary and possibly dangerous and a whole lot of not fun for me, who doesn’t even like roller coasters or ADULT rides. From KTLA5:

Four people received minor injuries at Six Flags Magic Mountain when the Ninja roller coaster derailed after hitting a tree, stranding 22 riders some 20 feet off the ground, fire officials said Monday evening.


This happened at about six o’clock, and at around eight o’clock reduce workers started bringing people down. So you know, you just were sitting there hanging out waiting to fall to your death.

(Image: twitter)

I rationally understand places like this go through all sorts of safety inspections and accidents like this rarely happen, but the idea of taking my kids to one of these places and paying a whole mess of money and standing in long lines in the heat all for the privilege of potentially getting injured is just my exact opposite idea of FAMILY FUN during the summer.

Which puts me at a disadvantage because my favorite food groups are corn dogs and cotton candy and also funnel cakes.

I love Disney because it is so beautiful and feels really safe and always has delicious food and enough baby rides for me. I would much rather go there. Unless someone creates a theme park with all the delicious garbage food of a normal state fair and baby rides like teacups and cute little trains and merry-go-rounds and not-so-scary haunted houses. I know this all makes me sound like I’m not very fun, and I’m not, really, just ask my kids, but I don’t want to go anywhere this summer that may involve me being trapped on a broken ride.

(Image: Twitter)

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