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15 Things That Only A Sister Will Understand

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My sister is truly the most important relationship in my life, besides my husband and kids. Even though everything is peachy now and we get along 99% of the time (and are able to work out our differences when we don’t), things haven’t always been sunshine and roses.

Every time my sister and I take a trip down memory lane, we reminisce about the ridiculous fistfight we got into because she wore my sweatshirt without asking. To qualify, we don’t have insane anger issues in need of management. At the time, she was 15, and I was 17. We were living in a small house in Colorado, where we had to share a room. This meant that we were sharing a bed and breathing down each other’s necks every minute. It was hell. Thankfully, the fistfight didn’t do much damage—even though no one was home at the time to break it up, so it lasted for 45 long minutes. Eventually, we got tired and started breaking each other’s makeup.

If you have a sister, you know how wonderful it is to have someone there for you through thick and thin, someone who will break your makeup right back when you get into a fight. In honor of National Sisters Day, here are 15 things only your sister will understand:

1. Why your mutual hatred for matching clothes will never die.

2. What it’s like to lock eyes and gang up on your parents to get your way.

3. Why it’s still fun to shop for her on her birthday.

4. Why you really broke up with your ex-boyfriend.

5. Your secret nickname for your mom that you will take to your grave.

6. Why it makes total sense to fight and make up within the span of 10 minutes.

7. What it feels like to want to murder her and then want to murder someone for screwing her over in the span of 10 minutes.

8. Why a physical fight is sometimes necessary when she borrows clothes without asking.

9. Having someone who cares enough to commit to a nine-hour Jersey Shore marathon on a bad day.

10. Having someone to drink and roll your eyes with at Thanksgiving dinner.

11. Having someone who really gets why you’re afraid to turn out like your parents.

12. Having a built-in best friend that you love—and love to hate.

13. The freedom of being weird and silly without judgment. (Did someone say tickle fight?!)

14. The security of having someone to always send an SOS text to at 3 AM.

15. How good it feels to have private jokes that are still funny after 20 years.

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