This Single Woman’s Response To Being Cut Out Of Her Parents’ Christmas Card Is Perfect

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Christmas cards are such a big deal to some people. Lots of families send them out. But one family ran into a bit of an awkward conundrum a few years ago after their five children grew up and four got married: What should they do about the fifth daughter, Bridget? Well, they decided it would be weird to send a Christmas card with just them and one adult daughter, so they kicked Bridget out of the card.

Alone and bereft of a Christmas card to call home in 2010, Bridget responded with one of her own, and it was genius:


“Happy Holidays!” she wrote. “love, bridget. just bridget.”

The next year, Bridget showed everyone that being single doesn’t mean that one does not have a full and rewarding social life. Here she is enjoying a good old-fashioned drinking party with a bunch of stuffed animals:


The year after that, Bridget got very good at Photoshop, and her holiday card became far less lonely:


In 2013, things got dark (this one is my favorite):


This year Bridget got a bit more optimistic, which makes sense as she sails into the new year with a swimming pool full of beer cans and a brand-new boyfriend. (He still has the tags on.)

8owXHDBLet this be a lesson to all parents out there: Kicking your adult children out of the Christmas card is a very good way to make them learn Photoshop. I just hope Bridget never stops making these cards, because I long to see what her cards look like when 90-year-old Bridget is sending cranky old lady cards about being single from her rocking future space house.

Photos used with permission