Hell Yes, Even Single Mothers Are ‘Entitled’ To Decent, Loving Husbands

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From AnotherSimpleMan:

We’re tired of American Single Moms wanting other people to pay their bills and cover for their poor life decisions.

There was lots of talk about American women and how horrible and entitled they are. Apparently, having the confidence to know that you deserve decent treatment from your partner is a horrible thing. All I can say is that I’m offended on behalf of the foreign women that these men seem to fetishize. By the way, I don’t consider my daughter a poor life decision. She’s one of the best things that’s happened to me. I also don’t expect my husband to pay my bills. We both work and we both contribute to our family’s financial security. In fact, most women work and support themselves, which I think men like this find intimidating. Even when they sneer about females needing financial assistance, they’re really upset because they don’t feel like they have much more to offer a woman.

I could keep going, responding to these disgusting comments. This post could be ten pages long, trying to shout down assholes who are angry that women won’t accept their misogynistic outlook on life. Who knows if it would do me any good.

The thing that all of those people are missing is that women deserve men who are caring, kind and respectful. And men deserve women who are the same. I’m not saying that every female should be treated like a princess by a doting man who will do anything she asks. I’m saying that in a relationship, both sides need to put energy and effort in. Both partners need to be loving and willing to work hard. That doesn’t change because someone has a child. It doesn’t change depending on gender. Good relationships need two people who both feel equally lucky, equally blessed, and equally deserving.

Now, if you really want a woman who feels like she’s less than you, who feels like she isn’t deserving of your love, than I feel sorry for you. That tells me that you must be so in need of confidence that you’ll keep the others around you down, just to make yourself feel bigger and better. If that’s the type of man you are, I hope that you don’t date a single mother. I hope that you don’t date at all. No one should be with someone who isn’t going to respect of value them.

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