Single Moms Have More Dates Than Their Childless Peers…So Who Is Watching The Kids?

So much for the notion that your romantic life ends when you have kids. released a study revealing that single parents are actively dating more than singles without children. Absent from this study is how these single parents are managing to pull this off despite, you know, being single parents.

The study reveals that 21% of single parents are currently dating someone versus 16% of singles without kids; 35% of single parents have been on a first date in the past year as opposed to 27% of singles without kids. also took a look at when single parents are introducing their new partners to their kids. Twenty-five percent of single parents would prefer to wait two or three months before letting their kids meet someone they’re dating. Once the introductions have been made however, 58% of single parents said they would first consider activities that their child and date could do together outside of the home.

Considering all that mothers can accomplish in a day, I’m not particularly shocked that they are coming in first in the dating arena either. But if single parents are dating more than childless people, that begs the question of who is watching the babies. These single parents must have optimum childcare or very gracious grandparents to have such active romantic lives. Either way, I’d like to shed some light on childcare in their next single parents poll.

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