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One Mom Made a Honest Confession About Parenting, and the Internet Didn’t Suck for Once

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Parenting is really hard, especially if you’re a single parent. But as one mom learned, there are people on the internet who can sympathize and this single mom confession proves it. About a year ago a woman with the username “unfitmom” posted a very real, and very raw post on Reddit. In the post she reveals that as a single parent to a 3-year-old daughter with virtually no support, “I literally hate being a mom.” She goes on to add “every morning It feels like I’m just waiting for night to get here so she can go to sleep and I can have some time and peace to myself.”

As a single parent, myself, I can relate to this single mom confession.

While her daughter’s father initially agreed to support her, he didn’t. They had only been dating for a year when she became pregnant. Because the relationship came to an end, her only option was living with her family. Her mother offers no support. So, the poster must “give into my daughters tantrums and demands so she can be quiet quickly, or else get yelled at by my mother for waking her up with our noise.” And by her description her daughter “is a very touchy little kid who ALWAYS needs to be held and kissed.” All of that is overwhelming for any parent. But for a single parent, it can be crushing. This woman’s story reminds me of myself and it is painful. It seems like this poor momma has nowhere to turn to.

Normally, posting something so personal in a public forum is a disaster.

But surprisingly, people really stepped up on this particular thread. Many of the comments were full of not just support, but commiseration. “As a once-single dad, I can say that it gets better.” says one user. Adds another “Being a mom is hard, and it doesn’t come naturally to us all; and that’s seriously ok.” Because no matter what our situation, we’ve all been there. As much as I love my kid, 3 year olds are tough. But like many recommended, there are ways to improve a bad situation. Talking about it always helps, even if it’s with strangers on the internet. Another option is therapy, which many people suggested.

Parenting is not easy, and if you have no outlet for your frustration, your soul gets compromised.

I hate being a mom from Parenting

Usually, reaching out to strangers on the internet is a disaster. But occasionally, people can come together for good. This mother needed a safe space and was lucky to find it. In a follow up she says “admitting it to you all broke the ice to admitting I’m drowning in my own feelings.” Being a single parent is always hard. But you can find help in unexpected places.

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