Mommyish’s Guide To Not Offending The Single, Childless Lady At Your Thanksgiving

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If you’re opening your home to single and childless relatives and friends this Thanksgiving, there a few tips you should probably keep close to that defrosting turkey. Despite the growing visibility of childless by choice or child-free individuals, the holidays still can be an irksome time for those of us who don’t have little ones. Primarily because walking into a room full of mothers and fathers generally ignites a countdown until you’ll be questioned as to why you are not yet a mother or a father. For some us, it’s no doubt just a matter of time until we’ll be sitting around talking breastfeeding tips with the rest of you. For others, kids are simply not on the agenda –ever.

Either way, whether you’re inviting your kid sister, a childless aunt, or some friendly neighbors, it tends to be the ladies who carry the brunt of this interrogation. So while you’re awaiting that ice cream to soften or just asking them to carry some dishes to into the dining room, be sure to keep these suggestions in mind.

(photo: Yuri Arcurs/ Shutterstock)