7 Signs You Have Been Suckered Into The Cult Of Rainbow Loom

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rainbowloom2Judging from the fact the store display at my local Michael’s was pretty much decimated this weekend, I can’t believe I’m the only parent who has a child that is now a proud, rubber bracelet bedecked carrying member of the Cult Of The Rainbow Loom. I noticed a few weeks ago my daughter had started arriving home from school with these brand new rubber friendship bracelets on her wrists, and soon she was asking me for her own kit. For those of you blissfully unaware of this trend, the Rainbow Loom is a plastic weaving device thingy where kids can construct bracelets and other jewelry using tiny rubber bands. For those of you familiar with the device, you may also have a child fully entranced with this fad if:

Everyone In Your Family Is Wearing Rainbow Loom Items:

rainbow loom bracelet black and orange-f76713(Image: Tumblr)

Except the cat and the dog, but I’m sure they will be next. Your kid makes them for friends, family members, and for anyone else they can think of. I’m waiting for my kid to suggest she should make one for the UPS dude.

Your Child Is Never Bored 

86d33fdc43aaf0cf3fe4ea30a848ecc6(Image: Pinterest)

Maybe the novelty eventually wears off, but so far all my kid does is sit quietly and make jewelry. Constantly. I have to remind her to come to the table for meal times and she even brings with her Rainbow Loom supplies with on playdates, because all of her friends are doing the same thing. It’s like the Village Of The Rainbow Loom Damned up in here.

 You Have 900 Bookmarks On Your Home Computer For Rainbow Loom Tutorials
[youtube_iframe id=”RI7AkI5dJzo”]

Because NOTHING is better than making Rainbow Loom items except watching videos about how to make Rainbow Loom items. I am waiting for the new Rainbow Loom 24 hour TV channel to become available.

 You Get Some Weird Rainbow Loom Sense Regarding Tiny Rubber Bands 


(Image: Ebay)

If you see a Rainbow Loom kit in stores, you immediately start checking to see if they have rubber bands in stock, save for bags of the same swamp green color that no one obviously wants.

 You Hope Your Child Never Sees This 


(Image: You Tube)

The line must be drawn at Rainbow Loom footwear.

You Start Finding Stray Rainbow Loom Bands All Over The Floor 


(Image: Passionforsavings)

Because someone “forgot” to pit them away and the cat loves scattering them all over the floor.

 You No Longer Have Food Containers Because They Are All Filled With Rainbow Loom Bands

mfAgA6HlV6tzMuuBoaXVQVw(Image: Ebay)

You used to have places to put leftover pasta, but because you were dumb and didn’t buy a Rainbow Loom band case, your kid has used all of your plastic containers to store their items.

(Image: Rainbow Loom)