18 Signs You Are Actually A Xennial Mother

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mom and daughter

Image: iStock / monkeybusinessimages

Are you a mother who is tired of being labeled as a Millennial? Do you find it hard to associate yourself with a digital generation when your childhood was characterized by dial-up internet, snail mail, and broadcasted television? Were you unable to utilize the telephone and internet at the same time growing up, and yet are now reading this article on your smartphone? If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are you could be a Xennial.

If you have always felt too old to be a Millennial and yet are too young to hang with the Generation X crowd, we now have you covered. Xennials are a micro-generation born between the years of 1977-1983. Although, we don’t feel like the dates alone are what characterize this generation. Xennials were the last generation to have an analog childhood while still experiencing and quickly adapting to a digital adult life. Think you may be a Xennial mother? Keep reading to learn the signs.

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