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10 Signs You’re Overdue for A Date Night

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As a parent, I know how easy it is to neglect alone time with your partner. (What’s mine’s name again?) With bustling kids to and fro, nursing a baby and generally being too ill-rested to want to show my face in public, staying in often seems like the far more sane option. I mean, why go out when home is where the wine and Netflix live? And sometimes it’s the only option. Hell, babysitters cost a pretty penny and children tend to be pretty all-consuming and needy like leeches (I mean that in the most loving way possible). There is always a sniffle or a runny nose (or a marble up one) that means tonight is definitely not the night to bust this joint. However, there comes a time when you just need to drop everything and get the hell out.

Here are the top ten signs you’re way overdue for a date night.

10. Your evening happy hour is beginning to bleed into the afternoon.



When you open the fridge circa 12:15 to make lunch and accidentally take out a beer, it’s probably time for a date night. I’m not vehemently against day drinking (at all) but I’m just saying, when the beer looks that good that early in the day, mama needs a little boost. Hold off for a couple more hours and call for back-up and maybe run a brush through your hair. Just sayin’.

9. When you’re husband said “Do you want to go out?” and you thought he meant to pick up the dog crap in the back yard.



And it’s really not your fault. It’s been so long since he asked you just assumed “out” meant that grassy area covered in a thousand toys that make ya’ll look just a wee bit trashy.

8. Your daughter asked for a piggyback ride and you screamed “STOP TOUCHING ME!!!” and burst into tears.



It’s okay, mama. I’m touched out. You’re touched out. We’re all touched out.

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