Sienna Miller Has Tons More Respect For Her Body Since Jumping On The Mommy Train

They don’t call it the miracle of life for nothing. Sienna Miller covertly welcomed her daughter Marlowe this past summer thanks to the lovely coincidence of Khloe Kardashian going into labor the same weekend. (Somebody owes Penelope Disick a fruit basket). But some months later, Sienna’s postpartum musings have lead her to some admirable talk about her body.

The mother tells Harper’s Bazaar in the January 2013 issue that since giving birth to Marlowe, she’s not sweating any bodily insecurities:

“My body’s a completely different thing to me, it’s not mine – all the attachment to its flaws or any aesthetic attachment is gone. You understand what breasts are for; and I have such enormous respect for my body because of what it can do.”

But beyond respect outweighing gripes over saddle bags, Sienna takes her body love a step further, espousing childbirth as “the best, the greatest thing in the world…I would do that day a million times again. I would do that day, every day. I loved it.” No, joking. Even four months later, she’s still on cloud nine about her pregnancy experience — and just motherhood in general. You’ve heard the epiphany before, but you have to admit, Sienna does get poetic with it:

“It’s still the most surreal thing, that you can create, that I grew this life inside my stomach, her eyeballs, everything – every little fiber. And I’d expected that she’d be this extension of me and I’d instantly understand who she was because she’d come from me, and then you realize that they are their own people entirely. Very connected to you, of course. But they’re their own person.”

In the mean time, Sienna is looking ahead towards procuring a nanny — something she and fiance Tom Sturridge have resisted in the baby’s first four months of life:

“It’s just been the three of us, which was amazing, and exhausting. We are going to get a nanny, but it felt important to first learn for myself who I was as a parent.”

A charmed life you do lead, Sienna.

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